Education Fund

The Philadelphia Music Alliance’s Music Education Fund was created in 2017 in recognition of the need for all Philadelphia area students to have access to music education. While the Music Alliance has always served as a resource for students, educators, musicians, city agencies, and other cultural institutions, it is the education fund and programming that works specifically to support or augment existing outstanding and sustainable music education programs. 


Programs include scholarships for deserving students in need of financial aid at three nationally ranked colleges that have music or music business courses; seminars on the industry of music;  a speakers bureau, and master classes. Providing equitable access to developing an interest in music and learning to play an instrument through their Instrument Donation Program, the Music Alliance supports Musicopia in its mission to collect, repair, and place donated musical instruments to PreK-12th Grade students. 

We encourage all students and schools interested in furthering their music education and careers in the music industry to contact us to be considered for a supporting grant or collaborative program.

Thank you to Musicopia for providing these student musician images.